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the undesigners
“Eventually you'll forget all this, but there will be plenty of new ideas to choose from. And I believe that they'll be better.” - Tibor Kalman

“Undesign” is a concept whose time has finally come. Creative individuals can harness the power and accessibility of the Internet to make media to their own standards and promote social change in the world around them. But how many are actually doing it? How many good designers (and writers and artists) are, in the words of the late Tibor Kalman, out there “making trouble?”

Over the coming months, we've made it our mission to find them: The creative lunatics. The authentic voices. The community activists. The visionary entrepreneurs. The designers reaching out beyond their own ego. The culture jammers. The madmen and madwomen with a mission. The people that give something back. The ones making a difference...

Meet the “undesigners.”

Richard Blumberg
On early birds.
Brian Main
Discovering heroes.
John Harris
Remembering John.
John Reeve
An open source
approach to design.
Scott Benish
Editorial and ethical
viewpoints on design.
Mike Monteiro
The good/bad boy
of Web design.
Gayla Sanders
On graphic authorship.
Phil Patiris
Jamming the medium.
Wayne Bremser
An undesign challenge.
Jeff Zeldman
What Me Worry?
Bruce Livingstone
A photojournalistic
tribute to Tiborocity.
Derek Powazek
Justly Married.
Stella Gassaway
Where art, activisim,
and design collide


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