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Bruce Livingstone @ Webcore Labs

“I never realized how much Tibor (and M & Co.'s) work stuck in my head.”

Last winter I was working on a project with a bank in San Francisco, which was a particularly exciting time for me as it was my first time back to the city since we played the DNA with my now defunct band, the Bittermen. I stayed at the Chinatown Holiday Inn because it was close to the client in the financial district. During a boring technical discussion about the best port to open on a Corba firewall, I noticed a poster of Bill Viola had been tacked up on the corkboard in the makeshift meeting room. I decided to find the quickest way out and walk to SFMOMA to see the Bill Viola installation. It was still fairly early in the day and the place was empty. As I entered Tiborocity for the first time, I thought “...chairs on the wall, that's clever.” Moving from self-promotion pieces and album covers, to a pink bag of chips with hand scripted “She's all that, and a bag of chips;” I realized that everything in the room was clever. Very clever. I use the word “clever” because it's unfair to try and narrow the scope of Tibor's work any finer. My friend says Tibor “markets reality.” Maybe she's right.

Tiborocity was about to close at the New Museum in New York and I really wanted to see it one more time. I was totally into iStockphoto at the time so I packed 3 cameras and as much film as I could fit into my knapsack. I walked from my friend's apartment in Chelsea, taking pictures of everything I could along the way. When I'm shooting outside, I don't even think about what I'm doing or bother to look through the lens, every shot is random and left to chance. I waste a lot of film, but the images that do turn out are somewhat interesting. I try to capture a glimpse of a random moment, chaotic or tranquil, horrific or beautiful. I believe that taking photographs this way allows some sense of truth to be captured, as the eye and the brain are not involved in the composition. For me, this is the most important notion of "Tiborism" - to express the truth in a situation and encourage critical thought.

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