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Phil Patiris @ Modern Television

“Society is full of parasites. Not all of them are funded.”

To the extent I see the mass media culture drag standards of intelligence, creativity and ethics down to the lowest common denominator... and then turn around and generate more slick and profitable news programming bemoaning the resulting deterioration in our streets, schools and elective offices (not to mention our art and civilization), that's the extent I will point my own electromagnetic finger.

To the extent self-serving, misleading, and deliberately manipulative psychological associations are made (and not just through advertising) is the extent I will break those associations, since they are subjective, and therefore rightly subject to counter-assault.

To the extent history is expediently rewritten or forgotten is the extent I will remind and set the record straight. To the extent the politics, philosophies, and fortunes of those in positions of power and greed are promoted, by the very media they own, against the better interests of those they deceive and delude, is the extent I will pollute the product of their capital investment.

To the extent it all dazzles the eyes and promotes the short attention span is the extent I will mimic its superficial style, reconstitute its audiovisual bites, and throw them back in its face.

And to the extent the mass media culture infects, replaces, and trivializes the reality, variety, and genuineness of life with a monolithic consumerist fantasy is the extent I will expose its cold and calculating charade and make it even more unreal and grotesque.

- excerpt from Media Deconstruction and Fair Use by Phil Patiris, Artist.

Modern Television Baghdad 1998 Modern Television
The culture jamming headquarters of Phil Patiris.
Baghdad 1998
A 1998 cease-and-desist brush with CBS.


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