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John Harris @ ViewSource Media

“I've learned so much and have a unique enough experience to make it meaningful to a few, maybe.”

I take giving back to the community pretty seriously. As designers, I believe we have many responsibilities: to ourselves and the gift we've been given, to society, the community around us. People often don't think about how important creativity is, and how important it is to not take it for granted. There's nothing like having a passion and going through a little designer's block to make you thank God for the creative days.

ViewSource was a dream I had since I was a boy which became more in focus in college. I knew I had to work for other companies for at least 10 years before I had the professional knowledge/experience to start and run my own company. It simply takes much more than just knowing how to design. When I finally went out on my own it was very liberating but scary as well, especially working for the first 6 months with hardly any work/income. It took a lot longer to get rolling than I expected, and during that time I continually asked, "what the heck did I do?" Then things turned around and the company shot up like a rocket.

Even though it's been very successful and our services are still in demand (thankfully, given the softness in the market), it has kinda been a little bittersweet for me. At first, I did it all: design, programming, sales, everything. Then as I hired people, I began delegating. I hardly ever design anymore. I manage people, I crunch numbers, hire, fire, work with lawyers, work sales and client service. Every time I jump in and design, create/strategize, etc., I feel like I'm where I need to be. When I'm not doing that I feel like I'm not being true to my God-given talents.

- John Harris passed away on March 31, 2001.

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