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“Whatever work Tibor had done, whereever he had just left seemed a better place for him having been there.”

What makes me tick? Different things on different days I suppose. Sometimes I want to be a nice socially responsible boy and do good things for good people, and sometimes I want to be a socially irresponsible boy and do bad things to bad people. Other days I just wanna watch Survivor and root for the crocodiles.

I discovered Tibor in art school. I wasn't supposed to find out about him since I was a "fine" artist and he was a "designer." Someone showed me a copy of Colors...that's where I met Tibor. Tibor taught me that it was OK to just say what was on your mind, have a good time doing it, play with people's heads, be stupid, have at it.

Tibor put design back into the world. He used it to reflect the world, and in that reflection find the seed for making it a better place. If I had my way this is the type of work I would do all the time. Things that make the world just a little bit easier to get around in. Sites that help people do things that they have to do.

For instance, I'm currently working on a site for BraveKids. It's a resource directory for parents of children with terminal diseases. Being a father you always hope and pray that nothing ever happens to your kids, and it challenges you to learn about others who weren't very lucky. I also designed a site for an amazing institution known as Glide. They've done some incredible work with the homeless, the addicted and the sick. I spent some time with them to learn about their day-to-day in preparation for the project, and I was just amazed. Watching kids that are your son's age eating in a soup kitchen is too much. Glide tells me that their donations have gone up since the site redesign. That's good. Feeds more kids.

And BiggerHand? BiggerHand has good smart stuff and good dumb stuff (and also some bad stuff). But what I get the most response to is Henry's Diary. The reasons for Henry's Diary is just so we'll both have a record of what it's like to be a dad and a son. Because, of course, the most socially responsible thing I can do as a father is to raise a good son. And the most responsible thing I can do as a designer is to document it.

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