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Trouble is, we live in a society obsessed with surfaces (and afraid to peer beneath them). In a consumer culture where we buy $200 sneakers because they look cool and Beck's song was used in the commercial, flash and dazzle are the highest-prized commodities of all...

I worry about the medium, because not enough designers are working in that vast middle ground between eye candy and hardcore usability where most of the Web must be built. And there are fewer and fewer incentives for Web designers to toil in these fields, since this type of work pleases Web users but wins absolutely no recognition from the industry, aside from a paycheck...

Most of all, I worry about Web users. Because, after six years of commercial Web development, they still have a tough time finding what they're looking for, and they still wonder why it's so damned unpleasant to read text on the Web - which is what most of them do when they're online.

As long as our society values Style over Design, surface over substance, this situation is not going to improve. Of course, I think the same every four years, when I have to vote.

(above excerpt from Style -vs- Design by Jeff Zeldman, from the Adobe HTMHell series.)

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