UNDESIGN | glimpses of tibor kalmantibor
“First Things First.”

“Dear Y'all...”

“It was nice while it lasted.”

“Just look at the Web designers, they can single-handedly reach the world...”

“He questioned all boundaries and expectations set by the ordinary.”

“Most interesting ideas on the Web have already come - and gone.”

“He was brave...”

“I pursue the blissful moment of coming up with an idea.”

“Perspective is a moment in time that cannot be fully appreciated until that moment has passed.”

“Make media to your own personal standards.”

“Design provocateur of the age.”

“Rescue meaning.”

“If you don't have an idea, all you have is style.”

“Making money was the biggest waste of time.”

“Absolute perfection is not always the most engaging quality in a design.”

“Kalman made words secondary to imagery.”

“An outspoken critic of all corners of the design profession.”

“Everything Is An Experiment.”

“Waste Not A Moment.”

“We are calling for the end of design...”

“He was more interested in being emulated than admired.”

“I am lucky.”

“His short attention span led to experimentation...”

“Once you learn, move on.”

“It's about the struggle...”

“Perverse Modernist?”


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