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“Jamming is [often quietly] helping to change the world around you.” - jam.media.org

For as long as Stella Gassaway can remember, she was sure of what she wanted to be. School counselors explained patiently that there was absolutely no future in indulging this creative urge. They tried in vain to steer her on a more practical course.

She was the only girl in the high school drafting class, but was denied a place in welding (girls still had to wear skirts, remember), and so the sculpture that might have been never saw the light of day. An early activist on behalf of the arts, she and some cohorts lobbied successfully to have Art as a two-period college credit course.

An important source of stimulation and gratification in her career has been to blend the professional, humanist and activist roles in pro bono work for various causes including fighting AIDS, gay activism, human rights, and city events.

She feels most comfortable where the worlds of art, activisim, and design collide.

worldstudio.org STELLARViSIONs worldstudio.org
Encouraging social responsibility in the design/arts industries.
Enviromentally conscious, socially aware.


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